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A different citiwalk, a birdwalk

A Pink-necked green pigeon is resting on a Bungur tree

A Pink-necked green pigeon is resting on a Bungur tree

Birdwatching in a city is definitely unpopular, particularly when you talked about Jakarta, one of the most populated cities in the world. Once I uploaded my story of my recent birdwatching activity in the center of Jakarta, I received a suggestion to visit another birdwatching site up in the mountains. Sigh….

To most birdwatchers, seeing a rare, endemic species is maybe like winning a prestigious prize. But, this was not my intention that day. More than 10 years ago, our small bird club carried out a bird survey in the city. Our question was simple. Can we still see wild birds in Jakarta? Continue reading


Raffles, a naturalist in a colonial time

“It is impossible to convey the idea of the pleasure of sailing through this beautiful and unparalleled archipelago, in which every attraction of nature is combined”, Lady Sophia Raffles (during her field trip with Raffles in Bengkulu forest).

To most Indonesians, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was only a lieutenant general of Java during a short period of British colonization in Indonesia (1811-1814), and later was governor general of Bengkulu (1818-1824). Having been under ages of colonization under the Dutch, his appearance had at least made some significant changes to the welfare of the Indonesian people. He abolished the slave trade and changed the forced-agricultural system of the Dutch which forced farmers to grow particular plants (coffee, tobacco) without being paid into land-tenure system.  The other side of Raffles was less known but more exciting….

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The colorful life of butterfly

Watching a butterfly visit a flower is always fascinating. The color of the butterfly and the flower are always in contrast. The black-and-white Common clubtail (Pachliopta coon) visiting the white flowers of Siam weed (Chromolaena odorata), or the Tailed jay (Graphium agamemnon) visiting the Lantana flower are all illustrating the importance of patterns and colors in butterfly life. And all of them are able to absorb important information from the environment such as finding potential mate, detecting flowers with high-concentrated nectar, or finding the right leaf to lay the eggs. All of because their perception of colors and movement. Continue reading

The man-eaters are here!

Conservationists on Friday airlifted five man-eating tigers from Aceh to the South Bukit Barisan National Park in Lampung, ending an eight-month quarantine period for the animals…. “The Jakarta Post”

How should we react when we hear that two of those tigers are going to be released when we (mistakenly) thought that the release point is about 17 km from our research camp in Way Canguk (the actual distance is about 28 km) and the tiger is definitely has at least 17 km2 home range? Continue reading

Rare, elusive, or undetected

In the morning breeze of tropical rainforest of Southern Sumatra, a colugo (Cynocephalus variegatus) glided and landed at a branch of tree. This ancient mammal of Southeast Asia reminded me of the ancient age when flying ability was evolved. Jump, climb, or glide. With the grayish color, this mammal is well camouflaged when resting on tree bark.

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For Lycaenidae, size doesn’t matter

These little butterflies have never really put into my attention. Only two words to apply, ‘too small’. Lycaenidae, a family of the smallest butterflies, is so diverse with about 6000 species in the world. Despite the diversity, I feel a bit strange about this family. Continue reading

A school in the forest

A friend of mine in Friendster put ‘Way Canguk research station’ in her school list. I guess she’s right. My ‘school’ time in here was started back in the end of 1997, about 6 months after it was built. This is a research station built by the Wildlife Conservation Society—Indonesia Program in one of the remained lowland rainforest in Sumatra, a small part of the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park in Lampung.

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