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Cooking on the edge: conservation starts from good meal!

You got no choice on your packed lunchbox and your daily meals when you are staying in the forest and do some conservation fieldwork. Practicality is the key. People need to go to the forest as early as the sunrise to do the survey and go back to the camp feeling exhausted in the afternoon after walking in rugged terrain of tropical rainforest. With the limited cooking skill of field staff, we can only rely on simple omelet, fried noodle, fried rice, or some crackers. On the other side, the siamang group (Hylobates syndactylus) that we follow all day may stop at a fruiting ebony tree (Diospyros sp.), having a hearty meal of the day before moving on to another trees. What a day! Continue reading


A palm that save our boring day‚Ķ.

Working in the remote forest sometimes takes me and my friend to the lack of excitement, facing the same difficult transects to the same menu of food everyday.

One day, in the Lambusango forest of Buton, in Southeast Sulawesi, we came up with a new dish, ‘arem-arem’ or stuffed rice rolls. The recipe itself is not a problem. You just need to cook rice with coconut milk and stuffed with ground beef or vegetables, wrapped it individually and then steam it (check this recipe). Normally, this recipe needs banana leaf to wrap the stuffed rice but of course banana plants are impossible to find in a primary forest. It’s a cultivated plant. So, what did we do?

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