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Since my last post about Ecosystem Service, I encouraged myself to create a new blog.  But I shared this blog with my students and colleagues.  The project itself was started in 2012 at the edge of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, in Lampung, Sumatera.  I am hoping that the new blog tells more about biodiversity provider of ecosystem service, which bird, which bat, and why there were around gardens and forest.  I picked durian as part of the title for a reason.  Durian is truly an Asian fruit.  Many Asians really…really like the fruit.  But do they know that birds during the day and bats during the night pollinate the flowers?  Some durians have white flower which one of the character preferred by bats.

We eat, we drink juice, etc., but sometimes we forget or don’t know how they originated.  Care to know more?  Well, just visit ‘Hey! They make my durians fruiting!’




Ecosystem service is at your garden

spiderhunterAt this age of climate change, incentives scheme to sustain the forest such as REDD+ and Payment for Ecosystem Service (PES) are quite a breakthrough. Everybody is talking about this, from one meeting to another, from one training to another.  But does the people really know about it? We got clean air and water…..What else? Well, look around at your garden.  Do you plant and get bananas? Does your plant keep flowering? Continue reading