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Do scientists need to blog?


I was out in Samarinda last week. A city in East Kalimantan, in the land of most remained forests in Indonesia but also has the issue of land conversion to oil palm plantation and mining. It turned out that last week popular issue was an article on K-index. Thanks to Felicia, one of the young field biologist in Indonesia, who post about this in her blog “Indonesian Scientists on Social Media” #WomenTweetScienceToo. I do not blog often. I used to when I was finishing my PhD.

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Celebrating Independence Day in the field

August 17 is the sacred day for Indonesians. Back in 1945, it was the day that we finally free from colonialism. We did still have some problems afterwards, but the Independence Day marked the bravery of our national heroes and all Indonesian people to speak up and to fight for the freedom. Today, in all the cities, towns, and villages, people celebrating the Independence Day. Flags are everywhere and games are played.

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The “autumn leaves” in tropical garden

I was standing in a nice garden full of flowers and trees. There is no four different seasons in this humid and hot climate place. But I watched many ‘autumn leaves’ flying gracefully from one flower to another. These are the ‘autumn leaves’ butterflies (Doleschallia polibete) that first captivated me at the end of wet and rainy season last April.

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