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Do scientists need to blog?


I was out in Samarinda last week. A city in East Kalimantan, in the land of most remained forests in Indonesia but also has the issue of land conversion to oil palm plantation and mining. It turned out that last week popular issue was an article on K-index. Thanks to Felicia, one of the young field biologist in Indonesia, who post about this in her blog “Indonesian Scientists on Social Media” #WomenTweetScienceToo. I do not blog often. I used to when I was finishing my PhD.

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The man-eaters are here!

Conservationists on Friday airlifted five man-eating tigers from Aceh to the South Bukit Barisan National Park in Lampung, ending an eight-month quarantine period for the animals…. “The Jakarta Post”

How should we react when we hear that two of those tigers are going to be released when we (mistakenly) thought that the release point is about 17 km from our research camp in Way Canguk (the actual distance is about 28 km) and the tiger is definitely has at least 17 km2 home range? Continue reading

Rare, elusive, or undetected

In the morning breeze of tropical rainforest of Southern Sumatra, a colugo (Cynocephalus variegatus) glided and landed at a branch of tree. This ancient mammal of Southeast Asia reminded me of the ancient age when flying ability was evolved. Jump, climb, or glide. With the grayish color, this mammal is well camouflaged when resting on tree bark.

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Permits, another research hassle

Tropical rainforest of the Southeast Asia have always been fascinated to naturalists and scientists, even Alfred Russel Wallace came back here again and again. For the scientific concerns, the old world of Asian tropical forest offers so many things to see and study. In the 21st century, the chance of finding new species is still exist. Some friends of mine just published newly discovered white-eye from Togian islands close to Sulawesi, a small greenish bird with a white eye-ring. Endangered and endemic wildlife are also attractive to study.

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A school in the forest

A friend of mine in Friendster put ‘Way Canguk research station’ in her school list. I guess she’s right. My ‘school’ time in here was started back in the end of 1997, about 6 months after it was built. This is a research station built by the Wildlife Conservation Society—Indonesia Program in one of the remained lowland rainforest in Sumatra, a small part of the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park in Lampung.

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The tigers next door

How do you feel if you live side-by-side with tigers? Deep in the night, a tiger was in your garden, hoping that an easy ‘goat’ meal would be his nice dinner. What a relief if all he left was just a scratch mark on the wooden cage and the goat is safe.

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“Conservation shock”. One earth, two different stories

Blue jay

My first month in Athens, GA, back in 2000….. I was a bit shock. It wasn’t the cultural shock of moving from development country to the US. I had a ‘conservation shock’. Continue reading